Online stores created by the LAYERSSHOW team generate income, are functional, easy to use and fit your business. Take a look at our portfolio – the examples of our projects will dispel your doubts.

LAYERSSHOW is the owner of PRESTASHOW.PL agenda which is a source of news from the eCommerce world, modules, modifications and add-ons for the owners of the stores based on PrestaShop system. We share our knowledge to enable people around the world to use our achievements in order to increase their turnover and retain their clients.



We design online stores in Magento software, we are also a leader in creation of stores using PrestaShop. We put emphasis on adjusting a store to a corporate image, the object of its activity and specificity of the industry in which it operates. We build stores from the ground up:

  • we start with the creation of a logotype and a professional template,
  • we integrate stores with banks, electronic payments as well as couriers and suppliers,
  • we implement integration with auction websites (Allegro, eBay), price comparison websites and customer review websites,
  • we perform any modifications desired by a client which relate to the shopping process, customer’s account, registration and logon, development of a product card, pricing system, promotions or customer groups,
  • we import products and any other data to a store, we automate operations.

We also improve existing stores by introducing new solutions such as cross selling or partnership programmes. We offer constant assistance with the response time not exceeding 6 hours. IF IN DOUBT – ASK A QUESTION!


We are able to quickly and efficiently perform professional photo shoot of the sold goods. Photography enhancing key features of a product underlines effective online sales. LAYERSSHOW has at its disposal a professional studio equipment, a high-end Nikon D810 camera and a range of wide-angle, macro and portrait lenses, which allow for taking high-resolution pictures of superior quality furniture, electronic goods, food products, everyday items, interiors, and architecture.

Autorski szablon i proces zakupowy dla sklepu

Komplet autorskich rozwiązań wykorzystywanych przez kwiaciarnie internetowe, to autorska grafika oraz wiele nowoczesnych rozwiązań wspomagających przeglądanie i zakup ponad 200.000 artykułów!